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Our story

weFEEDsa is the magical result where like minded people come together to  serve humanity.

The Journey Begins
Our journey  began during  a dark time in history, the 2020 Covid Lockdown. Volunteers, men, women and children disturbed by the plight of the homeless during Lockdown came together to feed those in need. At the peak of support  we provided 12 000 daily meals,  7 days a week, across 35 sites in KZN.

From there weFEEDsa has grown and evolved. We still continue to feed by supporting 7 soup kitchens and  providing hampers to families in need as feeding is a basic human need  but we also have evolved to improve sustainability by implementing 34 boreholes and vegetable gardens. After the KZN floods in April 2022  we repaired 10 schools, 50 homes and established 30 boreholes with potable water to address the water crisis.

Education the key to change 
We believe that education is the key to empowering  society and as a result we  provide bursaries and training programs to  those who wish to be uplifted. We work closely with a Seta accredited training academy to provide not just upskilling but certification and work experience which directly addresses the high unemployment which exists in our country.  

How we work
Our methodology is collaboration. There is so much to do that we need to work together to make the shift happen. We work with about 100 NGOs, community-based organisations and companies. The key to change is to involve not only individuals but businesses who drive the engine of the country and organizations so that we can effect change quickly and effectively.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, we need to be the change we wish to see and that’s what we at weFEEDsa try to do. To provide hope that things can be improved, that as humanity we can and will be the change we wish to see in the world.

 Do Good. Feel Good. Get Good.


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To serve humanity to improve and uplift South African lives.


A nourished, educated, empowered and proud South Africa.

Our objectives

We strive to:

Beyond lockdown

Beyond lockdown we foresee ourselves continue our feeding programme to the homeless and extending to schools, orphanages and creches in the township and rural areas. We also aim to support individuals in empowerment projects through skills workshops and training facilities by establishing a shelter and training centre in the CBD.

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